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First Name:Lucy
Last Name: Provan
City, State: London, UK
Class Taken: Online Training

I had a really great class! After my technical ignorance meant I had got the wrong computer and had prepared the wrong videos for the class he was very patient and agreed to rearrange the class, he thought of ways round our problems, went over the time and did everything he could to make sure that I got the training I needed. It was for a job assessment and he really tailored the class to my needs, the assessment went great!

First Name:David
Last Name: Small
City, State: New York, NY
Class Taken: Onsite

After more than a decade as an AVID editor, I was intimidated by the thought of jumping into Final Cut Pro. I don’t recall a technical teacher who guaged the level of my knowledge and what I needed to learn in both the short and long term better than John. I recommend this class, not only to editors, but producers, camerapeople, and anyone else interesting in this powerful and growing editing system.

First Name:Chris
Last Name: Calarco
City, State: CBS Broadcast Center NYC
E-Mail: Class Taken: Onsite Training

“The FCP class was great. I learned more in that 3 hour window than 8 years of self teachings. Cant wait for the next class!”
Chris Calarco/WCBSTV WC Bureau

First Name: Katie
Last Name: Sargent
City, State: New York, NY
E-Mail :Katie.Sargent@FOXNEWS.COM
Class Taken: Extreme

I have worked in television news for years, but as a producer I usually leave the editing to the professionals. I finally decided to unlock the secrets of the process for myself. Armed with very little knowledge I signed up for a five-class series on FCP. The instructor was extremely patient, even when he had to repeat the same lesson. After going over the basics, he encouraged me to experiment, just to see what FCP could do. And he never lost his sense of humor. Very important. I now have the program at home, and once I get more proficient at it I would not hesitate to take more advanced classes.

First Name: Grayce
Last Name: Arlotta-Berner
City, State: NY, NY
Class: Crash course

Coming from an AVID editing background it was great that John was also a former AVID person.We were able to instantly speak the same language. His teaching style made me realize how intuitive FCP is. With two classes, I am able to cut with proficiency. I understand the menu’s and know how to do alot more than just the basics. He was open to questions and always made sure I understood the topic before going on to another one.What I liked the most was the fact that I could ask advanced questions (because of my AVID background) and John explained the answers to me in a way I could quickly relate to. He teaches according to YOUR learning curve.

First Name: AKS Studio
Last Name:
City: New York
State: NY
My trainer was an excellent teacher who guided me through the annals of Final Cut (of which I had a cursory knowledge at the time). He is excellent at aiding students in learning how to navigate the interface themselves and helps one to feel confident with the medium and its mechanics. The class center is a very clean and well organized environment to work in. I would highly recommend this course to a novice or a more advanced practitioner.

First Name: Pete
Last Name: Lucus
City: Kansas City
State: Missouri
My instructor had me putting together my first video in the first 3 hour session. I’d never touched Final Cut before my class. I will be back for more!

First Name: Nate
Last Name:
City: New York
State: NY
I took two intro final cut express classes with Seth. Not knowing a thing about Final Cut Seth was very Knowledgeable and patient at walking me through the beginning steps of learning the system. Seth is a great teacher and I totally recommend him and The Final Cut Classes.

First Name: Mary
Last Name: Fadrowsky
City: New York
State: NY
John Burns is a dream instructor!!!!!! Having taken many FCP classes elsewhere in the past, I still lacked the confidence and certainty I needed in order to work on my projects alone. After one 3 hour session, I was not only amazed at how much I learned but by how much fun I was having editing. John’s patience with my numerous questions, along with his in depth knowledge of FCP, was exactly what I wanted. My only regret is that I didn’t find him sooner. I highly recommend John. His tutorial is the best investment one can make if they want to be a good editor or have ANY questions regarding FCP.

First Name: Mark
Last Name: Polonia
City: Mansfield
State: PA
I would absolutely recommend John and Final Cut Pro Classes to anyone who uses FCP as an integral part of their work flow. John was instrumental in helping me with a major problem I had in FCP. He was informative, efficient, and friendly. He knows things about FCP most pro’s don’t know. If you have a question or issue, he’s the person to call. You won’t be disappointed!

Mark Polonia
Director Of Media Services
Mansfield university

First Name: Barry
Last Name: Bates
City, State:
Class Taken: Adobe LightRoom Phone/Internet Support
I learned about Final Cut Pro Classes yesterday. I had a brief discussion with John who said a trainer would call me today at noon. Twelve o’clock on the dot, the phone rang and the next 45 minutes were excellent in addressing my problems, my needs and the solutions. Peter was superb in understanding what I needed and providing it. From my first phone call to the conclusion of my session, it could not have been better. Based on my hourly rate and the time that I no doubt saved by having Peter’s advice, this service is a bargain. Thanks. Barry Bates

First Name: Annette
Last Name: Shapiro
City, State: Brooklyn, NY
Class Taken: Final Cut Pro
I can’t imagine a better place to learn Final Cut Pro in NYC. John is an incredible teacher; he’s experienced, knowledgeable and makes the class fun. And John knows how to teach – a lot of so-called instructors don’t know the software well enough to teach as efficiently as he does. The studio is comfortable and well-equipped with the latest technology. After one five-class session, I signed up for another. I feel this investment in my future is well worth the cost, which is very reasonable.I have a few projects I’m working on now, and I feel confident that I’ll be able to complete them. John taught me how to analyze the FCP time line in a logical way that helps me understand this complex program. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was to come to Final Cut Pro Classes.

First Name: Rob
Last Name: Wallace
City, State: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Class Taken: FCP
My time and money were both well spent taking the FCP classes! I found the one on one approach used here was of great benefit to me. It allowed me to move at my own pace and my learning curve was not as steep due to this teaching style. The facilities are great, the area clean and user friendly. My one regret is that I had only enough time to take a 2 day class. I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn how to use Final Cut Pro. Besides, you get to spend time in the “Big Apple” and that is a great bonus!

First Name: Leslie
Last Name: Farrel
City, State: Brooklyn, NY
Class Taken: Final Cut Pro Extreme Course
I can’t say enough about the great experience I had taking classes at Final Cut Pro Classes. From the supportive atmosphere to the knowledgeable staff, there is not better place to learn the craft of editing.
Leslie Farrell, Emmy Award winning Director (aka The Dreditor)

First Name: Thomas
Last Name: Vondrak
City, State: Vienna, Austria
Class Taken: Final Cut Pro Crash Course
The Class ist great. My only regret is, that i only had time to take two days. The Facility is very nice and the atmosphere is very comfortable.I am a avid cutter, but i really have to admit, that final cut is not aonly better, i also offers much more possibilies in editing. The teaching here in Final Cut Pro Classes is very good and informative. You can discuss every single detail and you learn so many good things, that you can’t get from a manual.I guess i have to come back to new york as soon as possible fr more classesthe bestThomas from vienna

First Name: Michael
Last Name: Umanoff
City, State: Nutley, NJ
Class Taken: Final Cut Pro Crash Course
Taking this class was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am a professional editor for 17 years and decided to jump on the Final Cut Pro Train. Let me say that John is one of the finest instructors you will ever meet. He knows the system like no other. He is easy to talk to and is very concise in his way of teaching. He lets “you” learn. Many teachers have an ego and are not patient. John is all about patience. He will answer the dumbest of questions and not make you feel dumb for asking it. I learned more in a 3 hour class than I have learned in years in this business. I walked away with the utmost confidence in my ability to edit on FCP. Thanks John. You rock!!

First Name: Keith
Last Name: Cousin
City, State: Queens, NY
Class Taken: 4 classes of FCP (beginner to mid-level)
This facility is awesome. One of the major advantages of learning here is the one-on-one coaching. Another plus is that the agenda can be catered to exactly what you need. The instructors are very experienced and are able to go step-by-step through the process. I had never seen the software before, but now I’m editing sports clips with accuracy.Well done and thanks.Keith

First Name: Phillip
Last Name: Lehman
City, State: Puerta Rico
Class Taken: Extreme
I am super psyched I am actually editing my project for real, using all the key short cuts. What I learned form your class has paid off big time and I am comfortable with the controls and with the basics I got in NY, I can now figure out the more advanced stuff on my own, and it is working great! Thanks John!

First Name: Jon
Last Name: Giuliani
City, State: Hobbs, NM
Class Taken: Crash Course
Simply put, these guys are Aces. Rick is a great instructor and thorough while making sure you understand the lesson before he continues. I can’t say in words of how much fun I had learning FCP. Do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment. You’ll be glad you did. I know I am. Thanks fellas.

First Name: James
Last Name: Hazelwood
City, State: Wakefield, RI
Class Taken: Crash Course
“I was looking for personal training in Final Cut, the kind that would launch my learning curve immediately. The sessions were thorough and fun. I was editing my own project the next day back in the studio.”

First Name: Richard
Last Name: Ericson
City, State: Rhode Island
Class Taken: Extreme Course
“Rick Garcia is a wonderful teacher, even for me who always has an opinion and knows just enough to be dangerous. He’s methodical without being rigid, has the patience of the Gods and a real ability to make a complex technology clear and logical. His great sense of humor helps at every turn, and I find that i’m not only learning the “hows” of navigating FINAL CUT PRO, but also the “whys.” Awesome! Five stars!
Richard Ericson Producer”

First Name: Amir
Last Name: X
City, State: Bermuda
Class Taken: Crash Course Good Day Rick, It gives me great pleasure to express my thanks and appreciation for the Final Cut Pro Classes you gave to me and my colleague in the earlier part of this month. I feel very confident with the tools and information on the different buttons and have immediately implemented your structure-It works. Again Thanks and look forward to flying in soon just to take your class. Amir X (Bermuda)

First Name: David
Last Name: Dipuma
City, State: Fort Lee, NJ
Class Taken: Crash Course I took the 2 day crash course and it was very informative. I learned more in 3 hours than I did in a 2 day course which I took somewhere else. John takes his time and breaks it down for you. I have a back ground in Avid and needed to learn FCP ASAP. He made it an easy transition. Anybody looking to learn FCP, this is the place for you.
David D.

First Name:Alex
Last Name: Belth
City, State:Bronx, NY
E-Mail: AlexBelth@aol.comClass Taken: Extreme

I’ve worked with Rick for the better part of ten sessions and have found him to be a terrific teacher. It’s not only that Rick has a tremendous working knowledge of the Final Cut Pro system it’s that he has the ability to convey that knowledge in a logical, approachable manner. I’m intimidated by technology and it is easy to me to be overwhelmed by it, especially a program that is as sophisticated as Final Cut. But Rick immediately made me feel comfortable and helped de-mystify the process by breaking things down into clear, elemental steps. Rick has a friendly, easy-going demeanor and a patient sensibility that also helped calm any anxieties I had. That has proved to instrumental in my learning process. Above all, Rick’s love of teaching comes through. He’s able to challenge me as a student and help me find my way in a reassuring, supportive fashion. He’s not just out to flex his superior knowledge, he wants me to understand the principles of how to use Final Cut and learn how to intuite the program on my own. Finally, Rick has an editor’s sensibility, so working on a project together has been a dream because he naturally understands and appreciates timing, comedy and how to use music. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to learn Final Cut Pro from to be honest and feel fortunate to have met Rick as well as John, at Final Cut Pro Classes.
Alex Belth,, Bronx Banter

First Name: Heather
Last Name: de Michele
City, State: New York, NY
Class Taken: Onsite TrainingI had the pleasure of working with Rick over the course of 4 sessions at FCPC and found him to be not only a talented and creative editor, but a patient, considerate teacher with a wonderful sense of humor. I went into these sessions with multiple issues in various projects and Rick was quick to assess the problems and help me understand how to resolve them. I would recommend Rick most highly – he knows what he’s doing, he cares about helping you succeed and he’s generally a lovely person to spend a day with!Heather de Michele

First Name:Suniti
Last Name: Ghoshal
City, State: Bangladore, India

Class Taken: Extreme 5X

I have attended other film schools / classes in NYC as well as London but NOTHING compares to my classes with John. His knowledge combined with his ken acumen to teach is a unique combination. I recommend anyone who wants to learn FCP to reach this place straight without a second thought. Quality of my work has really enhanced after my classes with John. All the Best to you and your team.

First Name:Chris
Last Name: Moyer
City, State: New York, NY
Class Taken: Extreme 5X

I have been taking FCP classes with Rick Garcia as my Teacher for just over a year. I started out that year not knowing anything about FCP or Mac computers.Rick really worked with me to find my own style of editing( and it was fun!).My creative partner and I Have been able to finish four well recieved multimedia projects. We are currently working with rick on our first full lenth video project. Thanks to rick I really have the confidence to take on any documentary or narative project. Thanks Rick , you are the best! Chris Moyer (Theater/Video for Action)

First Name: John
Last Name: Jackson
City, State: Schuyler, NE
Class Taken: FCP

That class was awesome!!! John broke it down in such a way that I could understand it and made it fun and easy to learn. He is such a pro at it. I learned 10X as much stuff as I did at film camp and as the books show it. It was great. John is a great teacher. I reccomend him to anyone!

First Name: Charlene
Last Name: Rule
City, State: New York, NY
Class Taken: Crash Course

I never thought I would be one of the testimonials, but I do need to let you know my progress since your class. After the initial shock of accepting a job in FCP…and having only 2 weeks to be as efficient and fast as I am on an AVID. I have to say that John got me through the transition fast enough that I had no problem on the job. Considering I walked in the door of his place with nothing but a bad attitude about this forced transition, he persevered and was so personable I couldn’t help but accept the change with his open arms. The class was very clear. I didn’t need to take any notes and I didn’t need to contact him afterward with any technical questions. It all went very smoothly and damn John, you are right, it’s not such a bad program after all. Well worth it.
Thanks again!,
Charlene Rule

First Name: Benjamin
Last Name: Lehmann
City, State: New York, NY
E-Mail :
Class Taken: Crash Course

John rocks! He’s structured the class in such a way that you cover all the aspects of Final Cut and still have time to cover areas of special interest to you. Instead of learning software, you are learning how to edit and John helps you gloss over redundant commands and focuses you on the ones you’ll need to edit real world

First Name: Robert
Last Name: Ginnane
City, State: New York
Class: Crash Course

Johns class was a great learning experience. His knowledge of final cut is un-matched. I recommend this class to anyone who wants to grasp final cut. John made it fun and easy to understand, a class act all the way. Make the call to a true Final Cut Pro training class!
Robert Ginnane FOX NEWS

First Name: Joan
Last Name: Goldsmith
City, State: NY
Class: Crash Course

I had two 3hr FCP one-on-one sessions with John and found them both extremely helpful. He helped me focus on skills that I needed to improve while simultaneously filling gaps in my knowledge base. The price and times were important to me. John’s prices beat the Edit Center as well as other similar places on the web. He was able to accommodate me time-wise immediately as opposed to waiting a week. I was very satisfied with the outcome and would highly recommend Final Cut Pro Classes.

First Name: Kelly
Last Name: Choi
City, State: NYC
Class: Crash Course

I had very little knowledge of final cut pro before these classes, but with the help of my teacher, John Burns, I learned so much. He was patient, thorough, and well-knowledgeable…I was afraid the classes might be rinky-dink, just some little hole-in-the-wall joint with a couple of geeks who claimed to know FCP, but these classes weren’t like that at all…it’s still a cool, laid-back vibe. John was the greatest, and I highly recommend him and anyone else he
recommends as one of his teachers.If you wanna learn
final cut pro in a fun, chill environment,come here..

First Name: Tess
Last Name: Steinkolk
City, State: NYC
Class: On-site Training

I’ve been a photographer in NYC for 23 years and when I decided I’d like to move into film editing, I found Final Cut Pro Classes and it was the best learning experience I could have hoped for!!! My teacher was thorough, patient, knowledgable and streamlined my class experience towards my particular areas of interest. I couldn’t have had a better experience I’m editing my own films!!!! Final Cut Pro was an intimidating software program for me until I studied with Final Cut Pro Classes.

First Name: Daniel
Last Name: Passaro
City, State: NYC
Class: Extreme Final Cut Pro

“I was blind but now I can see” Before taking the extreme course I was really intimidated by FCP it seemed so intricate and complicated. With the help of my gifted and patient instructor I now am flying through my projects with ease and the possibilities and options that I now have are endless. sincerely Daniel

First Name: Elizabeth
Last Name: Reed
City, State: NY,NY
Class: Crash Course

As a hobbyist and over 60 yrs. with no knowledge of FCP and new to the MAC, I needed a teacher that was patient, enthusiastic about my projects, and personable. That is John Burns. Two classes would have done the job, but now I can’t stop taking monthly lessons and expanding my interests.

First Name: Joann
Last Name: Moorhead
City, State: New York, New York
Class: Final Cut Pro 4

The one-on-one training was exceptional. I was able to go at my own pace, quickly or slowly, whichever was needed to learn a particular function. You would have to go to a group class for months to learn what I learned in a few sesssions. The instructor was also available via telephone for post-class questions, and the price was right.

First Name: Bryan
Last Name: Weatherspoon
City, State: Georgia
Class: Editing Services

This is the best, most clear and concise, class I have ever taken. The trainer was very knowledgable about the ins and outs of Final Cut Pro. I was so impressed that I called and asked them to set up a tech support program so that I could call with specific questions about the most efficient way of finishing my project. Thanks!

First Name: Gordon
Last Name: Stewart
City, State: Boulder, CO
Class: Crash Course

I spent over six months trying to figure out Final Cut Pro on my own with the occasional five hour session with the good people at Apple. I wiped my hard drive, loaded different operating sessions, bought firewire chord after firewire chord. All to no avail,I was stuck, even after rereading the manual 2-3 times. What the people at the Apple support line couldn’t help me with in 10-15 hours, John fixed in 5 minutes. I spent the next couple of hours transfixed as he made the most powerful and complicated tool\ I have ever used seem like child’s play. I have since put together a professional trailer for a feature length film that looks like I spent 10 grand to make it. I am still saving up the cash for a more advanced teaching session. Thanks John.

First Name: Keith
Last Name: Marshall
City, State: Springdale, AR
Class: Onsite USA (Walmart)

The specialized training I received from Final Cut Pro Classes has definitely been a good experience, well worth the value. Final Cut was explained in great detail with the ability to follow along with ease. I was able to get direct help and answers to unique questions I had. I really enjoyed being able to learn such a powerful tool in an atmosphere where it made complete sense and became easy.I also enjoyed the chance to meet the trainer. A true professional who understands the software,and how to teach it without being intimidating and confusing. Not only did I have a chance to gaina valuable contact, but to gain a new friend. Thanks !

First Name:Carolyn
Last Name: DeMerice
City, State: New York, NY
Class: FCP crash course

Comments About the Class:John is a great teacher! He is witty, articulate and specific. If you have little or no experience he will guide you through step by step. The shortcuts he teaches you are invaluable. I reccomend this class to anyone who wants to learn to edit, or to anyone who wants to learn to edit more proffessionally. Carolyn DeMerice

First Name:Sharita
Last Name: Patterson
City, State: Bentonville, AR
Class: FCP crash course

Comments About the Class:This was the clearest editing class I have ever taken. John taught in ways that made me realize I had been getting by with what I was doing, but it was time-consuming and unorganized. He taught me that there is an easier, more accurate, time-saving way to do many of these things. Now, I don’t feel as if I’m all over the place with the system/software & and just guessing how it works. For the first time, I feel as if I actually know what things mean and how each “thing” should be used and applied. John is the most professional and coolest teacher to teach that I’ve learned from. The things I learned from the class is showing in big and positive ways at the company I work for. Thanks for the lessons!!! I’m extremely appreciative for John’s availability to answer my questions after the class. For many courses that one would pay twice as much for, that is not the case. So, thanks for letting me contact you with my questions and helping me.

First Name:Sam
Last Name: Best
City, State: Wildwood Crest, N.J.
Class: FCP crash course

Comments About the Class:Dear John, You are the truth ….thanks again for keeping us alive and running…Your classes are the most informative and innovative in the field and you are a great teacher and a truly wonderful human being….we will be back for more staff training and you can bet as our motto goes when you leave your final cut classes that “some people dream the dream and others live it”…. ciao the sportsfather,sammy best ,Pres.of BestMedia INC

First Name: Victoria
last Name: Lehr
City, State: NY
Class: Editing services

I f I had to choose between golfing with Tiger, shooting hoops with Michael Jordan, dancing with Misha, cooking with Martha, reading with Oprah, or working on Final Cut Pro with John — the choice would be so easy. Learning with John was such a good experience, because of him I was able to turn a year’s worth of quality challenged video into a professional looking project. You will be so grateful if you study with him and his team at Final cut Pro Classes. The guys at Fox News and Wal-Mart who recommended him were so right.

First Name: Emmet
Last Name: O’Lunney
City, State: Flushing, N.Y.
Class: FCP crash course

Comments About the Class:I highly recommend this class to anyone requiring a skilled teacher with patience and a command of Final Cut Pro as well as computers. I am currently editing a project in confidence with the skills I learned from Final Cut Pro Classes.
Emmett O’Lunney

First Name: Vinci
Last Name:Jean-Baptiste
City, State:Brooklyn, N.Y.
Class: FCP crash course

Comments About the Class:I took this course with John with minimal prior knowledge of FCP. There definitely isn’t a better deal out there in terms of cost and learning enveronment. In just two sessins, I learned more than I could on my own or through an expensive seminar. My questions were answeered clearly not only because the trainer has superior knowledge of FCP, but it also helps that he is a great teacher as well.

First Name: Adrienne
Last Name:Mercurio
City, State:Mamaroneck, NY
Class: Crash Course in Final Cut Pro

Comments About the Class:John has a gift for teaching. It is in the dicipline of excellent teaching when an instructor can make complex material seem clear and retainable. As a student with no experience using digital editing software, John had me editing with confidence and enthusiasm. His teaching methods make sense, so while practicing at home, I was able to remember all the material that we covered in class. I definitely recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn any level of final cut pro. I honestly feel that I got more than what I paid for.

First Name: Margarita
Last Name:Zimmerman
City, State:NY, NY
Class: editing services

Comments About the Class:John made my 2 hour wedding video into a 12 minute montage which all our family and friends can see. He took the highlights and put them together in a very entertaining and tasteful way!! I was able to work with him select the most precious moments and edit out the not so eventful ones. No more fast-forwarding of the ceremony and embarrasing moments.

First Name: Rayda
Last Name:Vega
City, State:N.Y., N.Y.
Class: 2 classes

Comments About the Class:The one-on-one instruction helped me advance as fast as possible at my own pace. John is very knowledgeable about final cut Pro as well as computers in general. He trouble-shot my external hardrive which had been wrongly formated for a PC not a MAC and fixed the problem. This savd me hours of heartache. John loves to teach and makes learning final cut pro simple and clear. He has acted as a continual resource, answering my SOS questions by phone even after class was over. He was great!

First Name: Cayce
Last Name:Crown
City, State:New York, NY
Class: Final Cut Crash Course

Comments About the Class:What a wonderful experience! I researched learning FCP 3.0 in NYC extensively, and only John offered small, personalized classes where I learned the things I needed, at the pace I wanted. Other local courses had 6 -15+ in a class, TWO to a computer and you would learn on their arbitrary footage, at Final Cut Pro Classes I learned at MY OWN workstation, using MY OWN footage, and it didn’t cost any more than the crowded classes. As an instructor, John Burns is the best, intelligent, experienced and charming; showing me tips & tricks I couldn’t find anywhere else. I recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn Final Cut, quickly, easily and inexpensively, it is a sound investment.

First Name: Harvey
Last Name:Schneider
City, State:New York, NY
Class: Crash Course

Comments About the Class:Taking the crash course with John was a great experience. I entered the class as a complete novice with Final Cut Pro 3 and I am now fully capable of exectuing a project and understanding all of the functions and short cuts. Final Cut Pro 3 is a tremendous program and under the instruction of John Burns and his staff, I have been given the key to unleash this powerful tool. To have instruction in this private environment utilizing top of the line Macintosh G4 equipment made this class a pleasure.

First Name: Roz
Last Name:Sohnen
City, State:Brooklyn, NY
Class: Final Cut Pro Intro?

Comments About the Class:John is an excellent teacher. He is thorough, patient, kind and very responsive to the student’s needs. After taking a 6hour workshop with him I bought a MAC G4 and Final Cut Pro 2 system. Even after the class was over, John was available for questions by phone. He was able to demystify a lot of the process and made it a very exciting experience. I hope to take a follow up class with him again soon. I highly recommend his course.

First Name: Rose
Last Name:
City, State:NJ
Class: Final Cut Pro- Evenings

Comments About the Class:I feel that this course was EXCELLENT! John was VERY clear in the way that he taught me this complex system… He made things seem easy! He was helpful in ways that most schools I have been to in the past could not be… He provided me with helpful information and is still there to guide me either through e-mail or the telephone if I am unclear about something or I am experiencing a problem with the system… This you will NEVER find with ANY other school teaching this course. I am very grateful. Because of John and his teachings, I am now on my way to being the editor I have always dreamed of. Thanks! 🙂

First Name: Janet
Last Name:Griffith
City, State:Brooklyn, New
Class: Intro to Final Cut Pro

Comments About the Class:John is the best! He quickly arranged to come to my home and conduct a five hour class in Final Cut Pro. He was extremely patient, and this was on one of the hottest days of summer. He taught me a lot of shot cuts. By the time he left,I had a good working knowledge of FCP. He was accessible by phone after the class. Other classes were twice as much but there would be more students in a class. It was definitely worth the money. He’s the coolest teacher and person.

First Name: Phillip
Last Name:Lefesi
City, State:Brooklyn, NY
Class: Final Cut Pro

Comments About the Class:If you want to learn to edit, then this is the class. Instructor John is not only teaching the software ( which in the end can be learned easily) but also has a terrific insight in what works and what it takes to be a true editor.
Phillip Lefesi
Editor/ Producer

Final Cut Pro Classes