Final Cut Pro

Personalized 1 on 1 Training in Manhattan at 33 West 19th St. in NYC

We have been teaching individual classes in Final Cut Pro since 1999. We train our students how to use the software creatively and efficiently. With only you and the trainer in the room, there are no distractions from other students. We have had amazing success teaching all levels of users from total beginners, to professional editors. So no matter what your skill level is with Final Cut Pro, we have a class for you!

Bring in a Project for Class

Most of our students are signing up for classes because they have a Final Cut Pro project they would like to start or have already started. Some of our students are retraining for new jobs that require Final Cut Pro skills. We find it very helpful to use your Final Cut Pro project or files for your classes. It makes the class more interesting for you, because you are getting real world results. We customize all our classes for you. Of course bringing in a project or files are optional. We have Macs and plenty of media in our studio to work with, in all different formats and genres.

No experience required to take a class

Most of our students are first time users who have never edited or even opened up the program before coming to one of our classes. A lot of learning centers list a set of prerequisites for group classes. Our training sessions are 1 on 1 there are none. We train everyone from absolute beginners to professional editors. We train from the basics to the more advanced features of Final Cut Pro. We have had great success with our 1 on 1 training, just read our reviews. The more you learn about Final Cut Pro, the better your workflow will be, and your projects will look more professional than ever. So stop wasting time trying to figure Final Cut Pro on your own and sign up for a 1 on 1 class today.