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If you really need to know how to use Final Cut Pro in a hurry, then you have come to the right place. We specialize in teaching people how to edit using Final Cut Pro 1 student at a time. That’s right it’s just you and the trainer in the class. When you book a class with us we will pair you with a very friendly, patient, and knowledgable trainer, who will customize the class to what you need to learn for your particular situation. Beginners can learn the basics, while intermediate and advanced users can fill knowledge gaps they have using Final Cut Pro and immediately increase their workflow.

Use your project or files for your classes

Use your project file or media for class

Many of you looking for a class have either a new job in which Final Cut Pro is required, or a video project you would like to start or already have started. With any class format you decide to take, we encourage you to use your project or files for classes to make the training more relevant to what you need to learn. It also makes the learning process a lot more fun. The trainer can also help you with things that are specific to your footage and what kind of video you would like to edit. If you don’t have a project or files that you would like to use for the class, you can use the vast amount of media we have available in all formats for your training.

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