Mac Laptop and Filmstrip

Why 1 on 1 Training?

Video editing software can seem very complicated if you have never used it before. Final Cut Pro Classes was started back in 2001 in NYC to accelerate the learning process by focusing on 1 on 1 and customize training. Because everyone learns differently and at a different pace, being in a group setting can be daunting. It can be hard to keep up with the trainer once you don’t understand one of the steps being taught. We focus on YOU the individual student, and try to teach in a way you WILL understand. If one explanation does not make the lesson clear we will find another way to explain it, so you completely grasp the technique being taught before moving on to the next lesson.

Bring in your project or media files

We know that most of you either have a personal/professional video project that you have already started, acquired a new job, or been promoted to a position where editing with Final Cut Pro is required. We encourage you to bring in your Final Cut Pro project, video files or even your laptop, so that the class will be more relevant to what you would be doing in the real world. You become more engaged if you are actually working on something that will matter to you later on. Also, the trainer can help you with specific problems you might be having with YOUR file formats, media management, sound, picture quality and so on.. This is of course optional because we have all the equipment and media files you need to have a great class. All of our trainers are professional working editors so they can also give you some advice on how to make your projects look better using the tools within the software. Our trainers are friendly, patient and make the learning process fun and easy.

Learn Fast

We have had great success with our classes getting people who thought they could never edit a video completing projects that look impressive and professional. Our classes allow you to learn fast so you can start editing your projects right away. If you are a new user we teach you in an organized way from the bottom up so you will have a great understanding of the software and develop a good workflow. Experienced users can get all of their questions answered during the class before learning more advanced editing techniques. Getting your projects done in the least amount of time with no stress is what every everyone wants. So if you need to learn Final Cut Pro for any reason, sign up for one of our class packages today.